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What is Switchable Smart Glass?

switchable glass is glazing which light transmission properties are altered when voltage, light or heat is applied.

When the electrical supply is switched on, the liquid crystals inside the glass align and allow light to pass through. When the power is switched off the liquid crystal molecules are positioned randomly and block out any light, becoming opaque (private).

How does it glass work?

Switchable Smart windows can also be referred to as smart glass, switchable windows or dynamic windows. They use a scientific ‘electrochromic’ process and switch from transparent to opaque when you apply an electrical voltage to them.

The change can be triggered by a range of wall switches, remote controls, movement sensors, light sensors or timers in less than 0.01 seconds. Variations of switchable glass can be supplied including; colour tinted, fire rated, double glazed, curved and shaped.

What can Switchable Smart Glass be used for?

Switchable Privacy Glass is a versatile solution for homes and businesses. It can be used for partition screens, windows, roof-lights, doors, security, teller screens and they are even used as quality HD projection screens. The flexibility of smart glass enables architects and designers to continually find new and innovative designs and uses for it.

Switchable glass products can be used in residential and commercial buildings. It really can turn the conventional use of glass on its head and its market growth is expected to continue with many new and innovative uses.

Here of some ideas and uses for Switchable Smart Glass:

  • Office Spaces – You can use switchable glass as partitions to separate working areas, to create offices or even for your windows so there is no need for blinds or shutters keeping your space light, airy and contemporary looking
  • Corporate Spaces – If you are looking for the wow factor for your corporate space then switchable glass is for you. Using it to combine your branded space with your brand colours is a great idea
  • Partitioning – Switchable glass is a fantastic way to partition rooms in your home or office. It could be used to separate your ensuite from your bedroom, your living and dining area when you want more of a cosy feel, it can be used to create meeting rooms or separate offices in your business. Switchable glass is an innovative way to make these areas feel luxurious, funky and chic
  • Facade / Canopy – If you want an eye-catching canopy that will make your business stand out from the rest then switchable smart glass will do the job
  • Balustrades – Switchable smart glass used in balustrades gives a feel of modern luxury in your home or business and you really won’t be disappointed
  • Sliding Roofs / Doors – If you want a contemporary, clutter-free look for your home with no need for blinds or shutters then think about switchable smart glass for your roof or doors. It will keep the area full of natural light and when the glass it switched it gives you privacy day or night. It is a great idea for doors leading into your garden, entrance areas or if you have a window that you don’t want anyone seeing through when they walk past
  • Healthcare Spaces – Switchable smart glass gives you a clean, light, bright and corporate feel to any healthcare space
  • HD Projection Screens – Switchable glass is a great idea and often used as high-quality projection screens, giving you bright colours and a modern feel to your office when the screen isn’t in use
  • Marine Spaces – Switchable smart glass is a fantastic addition to any marine space, adding bright and vibrant colours to the natural environment whilst emphasising natures true colours and tones
  • Showers and Wetrooms – Using switchable smart glass in a shower or wet room gives the feeling of luxury whilst brightening what is often a dark area with no natural light
  • Saunas – Saunas are normally dark with no natural light so using switchable smart glass can really make them stand out from the rest and will impress its users
  • Swimming Pools – Using switchable smart glass in a swimming pool will create vibrant colours and a clean and modern feel
  • Aquariums – Aquariums have beautiful, bright and colourful fish living in them and switchable smart glass will enhance their natural and vibrant colours and brighten what is often a dark area that is difficult to see anything in