At fourseason Office Partitions, our company provides services to help transform your dull business work environment into a stylish, sleek and light filled environment using our office partitioning expertise.

The new space room will be warm, open, full of light and welcoming. You can select from different types of aluminium and glass partitions projects for your company. We can create a look for your business meeting rooms, boardrooms and cubicle for clients that will address your needs and suit your specific workspace vision and requirements.

Office glass walls and glass doors allow unlimited choices to make your interior space spectacular. Doors are fitted with premium quality locks,, handles, and bolts. Your new business office space will showcase style and interior design for your Sydney office.

Whether you are searching for a contemporary layout for your Sydney office spaces or a more traditional corporate look, the best alternative for office partitioning is glass.

Framed Vs Frameless Glass Office Partitions


There are several types and categories of office partitions available for businesses today in Sydney. These glass walls come in different designs, materials, and even colors. The kind of glass and you choose will depend on your needs. Most modern offices in Sydney are preferring frameless partitions, glass walls and room screens. You can also have your own custom logo incorporated on glass to add elegance and showcase your brand to customers.

However, there are many other important features you should consider when choosing partitions for your areas. Start with determining the design requirements of your offices. Then consider these factors:

  • Durability
  • Noise control
  • Lighting
  • Aesthetics
  • Heat retention
  • Cost

Frameless Glass Office Partitions


Single Glazed

One of the most common and standard options in Sydney for glass is using single glazed partitions for your workplace. The best solution is 12 mm of toughened glass.

Our range of glass partitions and doors create a contemporary office design that adds value to any office space work environment. They create an appearance of openness and gives you the illusion of extra space. Employee productivity is enhanced too.

Glass also assists in creating a better image for both the current and prospective clients. Frameless single pane glass office walls and room dividers add more to the office décor.

Frameless moveable office glass partitions allow for flexibility such that you can change the office layout in the future.

you can choose between our selection range of tinted glass and frosted glass. These partitions are ideal as dividers in both home and commercial properties.

Double Glazed

Another popular alternative trend or approach for glass office walls is using double glazed partitions. Besides giving you the opportunity of allowing light to pass through, double glaze design solutions come with more superior features.

For instance, double glaze enhances heat retention especially during the cold months and keeping away heat during the warm months. This enhances energy efficiency in your organisation.

Office glass can be covered with blinds for enhanced privacy and light control for employees. Companies can use frameless double glazed partitions to enhance aesthetics of walls, windows and doors for their office partitioning system. Other office partitioning glass solutions come as sliding glass doors and demountable panels.

These office partitions are also ideal for use as glass dividers in both residential and commercial properties.

Framed Aluminium Glass Office Partitions


Single Glazed

Framed single pane glass dividers have dominated the market for many years.

They’re affordable, easy to install, and can be customized, making them a great choice for dividing any space in office.

The range for framed single pane partitions and glass doors for workspaces are more durable and affordable than the frameless option. However, framed glazing ideas for projects are less attractive than frameless ones.

Frames make the glass appear bulkier, thereby making it less attractive than the frameless variety.

Double Glazed

Just like frameless double glazing, projects with framed double glazing office glass come with greater features.

They’re highly durable with good heat retention properties. However, they’re more bulky and expensive than framed single glaze.

Nevertheless, they’re a great choice due to their soundproofing property for offices. We promise top class products, customer support, quality craftsmanship and the best supply & installation service in Sydney NSW.

All services are in accordance to Australian standards. Call our team of architects and construction specialists over the phone or contact us via email today for more information. We offer a free quote on our glass products and services for windows and doors.